Next Gen Triton Canopy

The NEXT GEN TRITON CANOPY  has landed!  !  Add a Smart Cap & turn your Mitsubishi Triton into your ultimate adventure vehicle or workhorse.

Mitsubishi Triton EVO S 

Next-Gen Triton (2024+) 

$5690 inc gst 

Mitsubishi Triton EVO A 

Next-Gen Triton (2024+)

$5390 inc gst

Mitsubishi Triton EVO D 

Next-Gen Triton (2024+)

$4690 inc gst 


From $4,690 inc gst

Next Gen Triton Canopy EVO s 

The wait is over! The all new Next Gen Triton Canopy has landed! Stylish, Sleek & Capable.  Look no further, you have found the ultimate Next Gen Triton Canopy! This Model EVO has built-in bonded glass side windows with a sliding panel making it our most dog- friendly canopy option for the Mitsubishi Triton.

Next Gen Triton Canopy  EVO

The wait is over! the Next Gen Triton Canopy has landed! The “EVO (a)”  Is a solid side door version of the EVO (s). If you’re considering a Kitchen or a Drawer Unit this is the model for your Next Gen Triton!

Next Gen Triton  Canopy EVO d 

Say hello to the EVO Defender, the ultimate protective upgrade for your Mitsubishi Triton. With its sleek stainless steel doors on all sides (no glass), the Defender is the epitome of security and strength. Add this formidable canopy to your Triton and experience unparalleled peace of mind. The Defender is here to protect and serve, ensuring your valuable assets are safeguarded at all times. Don’t wait any longer, get your EVO Defender now and elevate your Triton to a whole new level!

The Ultimate Stainless Steel Next Gen Triton Canopy

The Next Gen Triton canopy is here! Forged from automotive stainless steel (not fibreglass), The RSi SmartCap EVO canopy is built like a truck. The most versatile Mitsubishi Triton Canopy on the market, Weighing in at just 75kg. 

Roof Load Capacity

From off-roading to the job site, this canopy will withstand the daily abuse you give it, while also being able to hold up to 150kg when moving or 350kg when parked.

Ultimate Access

But this metal canopy is more than just brawn. From its modern angular design to the bonded glass Gull-wing Doors with low profile push-button latching mechanisms to the sleek integrated roof rails, the SmartCap EVO canopy enhances the rugged look of your truck.


In addition to receiving 9 Global Media Awards (more than any other product), SmartCap EVO was the 2020 SEMA Award winner for the Best New Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product and was runner-up for the Best New Exterior Accessory Product. 


Dynamic: 150kg 

Static Capacity: 350kg


EVO s / EVO a / EVO d : 75kg


Each of the five panels that make up the SmartCap’s modular design are
made of automotive-grade steel. SmartCaps,the Bed Replacement System, and our SmartCap Components are all built
out of a combination of 1.0, 1.2 & 1.5 mm 409 automotive grade stainless steel.




Click to download the user manual that contains all you need to know about assembling and installing your new EVO Cap



Click to download the user manual that contains all you need to know about assembling and installing your new USA SPEC EVO Cap



Need more information about the SMARTCAP Range? Click to download our latest Frequently Asked Questions Guide. 

Modular Design 

SmartCap is the world’s first modular stainless steel truck cap system. From its 5-piece modular design, to its seamlessly integrated accessories, SmartCap lets you build and organise your truck bed exactly how you want it. But that’s just the beginning, so put on your thinking cap, and let the adventure begin…



Absolute Access! 

The Gull-wing Door openings are around 17% taller than the average side window you’ll find on a fibreglass canopy—making it real easy to access cargo or bolt in a SmartCap Component.



Positive Pressure Filtered Vent  

The Positive Pressure Air Vent filters fresh air into the cap at a greater velocity than the enclosed bed is trying to suck it back in. This keeps road dust outside of the bed rather than all over your stuff. 



Universal Roof Rails  

Sleekly designed into the top of the SmartCap™, our integrated Roof Rails allow you to utilise other SmartCap Components for mounting roof-top tents, bikes, kayaks, ladders—you name it. Plus, if you already own a rack system, no problem. The universal design allows you to mount just about anything.



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