“Made from Automotive Grade Stainless Steel,
the Advantages over Aluminium & Fibreglass
are numerous. Get the ultimate canopy for your UTE.”


5,000km to and around the Gulf up via Muttaburra, Cobbald and Porcupine Gorges

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Hello Cobber, The pics show the dust on the outside and there was none, none, on the inside. You can see cooking gear with stove on top on awning side and a piece of cord keeps the side door flat. Lift out the stove to tailgate, connect gas which is easily accessible and away you go. I carry the fridge and battery in the rear area of the cabin as it rides better and more insulated. Evakool plus 175ah battery and 240 charger from Aust direct and solar blanket from Kor and hard mounted slimline solar panel on roof of your canopy complete the picture. Kayaks on top for use on this trip at Lawn Hill Gorge.

You can see MDF mezzanine floor suspended on tentpoles expanded and padded to it and on the top level we stored our bedding and I said, dust free. Lower level has a jack and water bottle and folding tables at sides, three rows of first and middle, tents and stretchers and box with battery charger and torches, binoculars, ponchos et.

Must Go stuff. Right-hand row is battery powered tyre pump in box, gas bottle, bbq, spare gas bottle. Tyre change gear in small area at side of that and a small tool box. We also had room for four boxes of European beer and a small cask of red which came in handy of course. Fishing rods inside and split kayak paddles that screw together.

Life’s good buddy thanks to your canopy. 5,000 km to and around the Gulf up via Muttaburra, Cobbald and Porcupine Gorges and back via Lawn Hill and down through Adavale and home. 2,500km of dirt at least and mate, NO dust.

I have previously owned fibreglass canopy and a hard lid and whilst quite secure, nowhere near as secure as your rig and all previous let in copious dust. Well done and thanks.

Regards, Malcolm Cornubia

“I’ve been everywhere man” PS. only the Barry track to Port Headland left and this trial run has left us in no doubt it will be a breeze.